This is a desktop enhancement application that has recently swept over KDE (see One user of the website remarked that due to the high release rate of new applications in the Karamba section, most things will only remain on the Latest page on the front page for only a few hours.

The application is an extension of Karamba, which in turn is a clone of Samurize for the Linux/KDE environment. The great attraction lies in the use of Python, a loosely typed and interpreted language (perfect for the change 'n' try style of programming), to extend the functionality of Karamba. There is a well defined and simple to use API, which basically exposes certain wrappers for Qt.

Currently favourite types of applications written for/with SuperKaramba include:

To quote the website:

What is SuperKaramba?

SuperKaramba is, in simple terms, a tool that allows you to easily create interactive eye-candy on your KDE desktop. Currently, only linux is officially supported.

How does it work?

Theme writers create themes, or text files that define their widget. Then, they can optionally add python scripting to make their widget interactive. The possibilities are endless!

Here are just some examples of the things that can be done:

  • Display system information such as CPU Usage, MP3 playing, etc.
  • Create cool custom toolbars that work any way imaginable
  • Create little games or virtual pets that live on your desktop
  • Display information from the internet, such as weather and headlines

The possibilities really are endless!