I'm sitting here with a mug of hot chocolate watching large fluffy flakes of snow swirl in the winds. This is a rare treat for me since I live near the ocean in South Carolina. The backdrop for the snow is palm trees and live oaks. I already went out with my camera and tried my best to get a picture of the fraction of an inch of snow that lies on the front yard. I wish there would be enough snow to build a snowman. It's odd because I never really enjoyed building snow men or playing in the snow. I don't even like skiing. But after six years of living in the South I guess I'm ready to enjoy snow for a day. I just hope the temperatures will go back into the 60's tomorrow. There is a down-side to this snowy day. I wanted to drive into "town" and get a few things. But the other drivers scare the *^&# out of me on clear, sunny days. I refuse to drive on a road with a half-wit in an SUV or pick-up truck on a day like today. There are an average of six car accidents per day on the only road that goes to my island. Today I bet there will be over 20 accidents. There is an up-side to this snowy day. I have an excuse to sit in my big comfy chair, put on some music and spend the afternoon reading.