We're none of us perfect. Me least of all, some days.

Today I didn't do anything particularly wrong, except accusing my team of being unfair because each of them is more than willing to expense $40 - $50 per week on alcohol (clearly against company policy) while I have to pay for my own laundry and dry cleaning because the budget is being eaten by booze. Not that I'm bitter. I'm sure that if I drank as much I'd see the humor in the situation. Why is it that sometimes when we talk about being "team players" it means a few people are going to get screwed to the benefit of everyone else?

Other than that I'm just getting surly about the whole work situation. No good prospects, and my current path will have me staying in a cheap motel in Tallahassee, Florida for two years. Not that I'm bitter.

On the good news front, I finally talked to my sister and her family and my grandmother today, after not being able to make a connection with them for a month. It was good to talk to everyone, even if I did interrupt their dinner. And I managed to make another executive decision at work about the direction of our knowledge management. I suppose that's the sort of thing I can put on my resume - "rescued knowledge from imminent deletion". That'll sound good.... until someone asks me to define "knowledge" ;)

The last bit of good news is that I put suet in the feeder again, and the endangered Hairy Woodpecker family came back, even though there had been no food for them for three weeks.