Started by Philip Kaplan, aka Pud, a site which bills itself as "The Dot-Com Deadpool" and also "Official lubricant of the new economy." The original site was based around the dead-pool concept of selecting companies likely to be "fucked" -- either by experiencing layoffs, technical issues, or just flat-out going out of business. Each "fuck" has a point value from one (no real bad news) to 100 (gone tits up). The fewer people pick a company, the more points you can make.

When a company goes out of business, it enters the FuckedCompany hall of fame. Each fuck has its own Happy Fun Slander Corner, a UBB-like message board in which people anonymously post very offensive and slanderous comments about the company in question. Some threads have been known to spawn thousands of these comments.

Lately, FuckedCompany has been gaining mindshare. Pud now offers Premium Services, where users can view the entire submission queue for as much as $75/month. The logo had to be changed after Fast Company Magazine objected; the original logo used the same typeface and style as the magazine. Other common sightings include the ongoing feud between FuckedCompany and idealab!, which started when idealab!'s lawyers contacted Pud with a nastygram regarding Pud's parody of idealab!'s site. The site is now blocked by many corporate proxy servers, although its alternate domain name (that's three hyphens) makes it friendly to print. I remember reading a Wall Street Journal article about FuckedCompany that actually referred to the site by its IP address.

Tip to HR departments: no matter how many times you print "CONFIDENTIAL" or "FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY" on memos, they will end up on FuckedCompany if they are sufficiently juicy.

A new addition is LuckedCompany, a site which has the same format but assigns points based on new opportunities (moving to a more profitable business model, being bought out, etc).