The closest thing to a mass transit system that Long Island has. Managed by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the same organization which manages Metro-North Railroad and all the mass transit in New York City. The LIRR connects most towns and cities on Long Island to New York City, with adult fares that range from $1.75 (intra-zone) to $15.25 (peak, from Montauk to Penn Station). Features regular electric cars, old-school diesel cars, and new-fangled double-decker cars that can use either diesel or electric power. Routinely gets poor marks from watchdog groups for (lack of) cleanliness, on-time performance, and rider comfort. Rush hour trains tend to be particularly crowded, as most commuters buy the economical monthly tickets which can double as MetroCards on NYC Subways and Buses. Some peak trains also include bar cars.

There are many lines in the railroad, and you should take care to heed the PA announcer. If you're told to change at Jamaica, you had better do it, lest you end up on Hunterspoint Avenue in Queens, and have to ride the 7 train into Manhattan. The lines are:

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