Originally made by Qualcomm, this is the successor to the pioneering but unsuccessful pdQ Smartphone. Like its predecessor, the QCP-6035 combines the features of a Palm OS handheld with the convenience of a mobile phone. The new Smartphone includes Palm OS 3.5, 8MB of RAM, a smallish screen (similar to that of the Palm m100 series) and a jog dial for easier navigation. The screen has an area which peeks out when the dial pad is flipped up, but acts as a full-featured organizer when flipped down. To allow complete functionality, there is a headset jack.

Unfortunately, I do not own one, as it costs $500 plus the normal mobile phone access charges. As far as phones go, it is still relatively large; while narrow enough to use with one hand, the large display and Graffiti writing area make the form factor substantially larger than such hip phones as the Nokia 8260.

Reviews have generally been good, and this appears to be a good idea for anyone who only wants to carry around one device. The phone also works as a modem to use Web Clipping applications as if you had a Palm VII. Like any mobile phone, it works on a wide range of frequencies, and supports SMS and other PCS features.