According to IMDB, the woman who for the past few years has made an honest living by playing the voice of Pikachu and other assorted Pokémon in television shows, movies, and even several video games. In the past, she has also done voices for Sailor Moon, Ah! My Goddess and various other anime titles. However, IMHO she currently has the easiest job in show business, to say the same name (or parts thereof) repeatedly with different inflections.

Here's what might happen if Ikue were to have a bad day in the recording studio doing the voice of Pikachu:

Ash: Oh boy! We've arrived at Pewter City! Let's go, Pikachu!

Ikue: Umm, uhh, umm, erm, uh, line?

Director (offstage, angry): Pikachu!

Ikue: Oh yeah! (in Pikachu voice) Pikachu!

I wonder what kind of education one needs to get a job repeating the name of a Pokémon. More importantly, I wonder how much money it pays. Could my minor in Japanese pay off this way?