today was good......YEAH RIGHT!!! today was how they say, shit! this is mainly because of my pay rise at work. £3, hardly worth it.well i just smiled and said "thanks thats great". and then on leaving the office i muttered under my breathe "YOU SHEEP SHAGGER". i then slammed the door in his mother humpin face!!!!!!!!.....apart from that, my day was good though. i got talkin to the girl in the greasy estate cafe(nice ass, big, but nice).she said my overalls made me look kinda sexy.....i left then(so as to leave it on a good note.....before i said somat stupid, and ruin it). i was supposed to be at burton college today, but i had lots of work to hand in.....i'll deal with it next year i think.

i leave u on the note that bosses are evil money grubbin TOSSERS......over and out