Umslopogaas was a character in H. Rider Haggard's novels "Allan Quatermain", "She", and "Nada the Lily". He was a Zulu warrior and prince, fallen on hard times and in the service of the book's narrator, the adventurer Allan Quatermain.

Umslopogaas was portrayed as the classic "noble savage"; brave, fierce, and honorable. He named his battle axe Inkosi-kaas, or "chief wife", and treated it with great affection and respect.

The interesting thing is, Umslopogaas and his axe were based on a real man, M'hlopekazi. When Haggard met him, he was employed by Sir Theophilus Shepstone.

H. Rider Haggard's daughter writes that M'hlopekazi said the axe "was evidently a woman because she pried so deep into things - that she was clearly a chieftainess as so many people fell down before her. When asked why he talked to her when puzzled or heavy of heart he replied: 'She must needs be wise, having looked into many men's brains.'"

Although M'hlopekazi, in his fictionalized life as Umslopogaas, made a fortune for Haggard, all he ever got out of it was a few interviews and an engraved hunting knife.

M'hlopekazi died in 1897 at the age of 80.