Carla Speed MacNeil is the author and artist for the incredible graphic novel, "Finder". Jaeger, the main character, roams a post-apocalyptic world in the far future. He becomes involved with his ex-commander's wife, (who left her husband for being abusive), and is a father figure for her three children. The story is intense and complex -- so complex that I was very happy for the footnotes.

"Mystery Date" is a shorter comic based in the same world, featuring Vary, a college student who is also a temple prostitute and becomes obsessed with seducing two of her professors. Furries and fetishists, take notice, there is a brilliant alien sex scene with a giant lizard. Vary presents excellent arguements for the virtues of being a temple prostitute, and she also analyzes her own motivations for seduction. This comic packs a huge punch for just a few short issues.

It is nice to see a comic from someone who is intensely knowledgeable about not just the genres of comics and science fiction, but about anthropology, myth, and psychology.