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I bitch about my job. A lot. I whine about difficult customers, I complain about the poorly written software, I drone on and on about all the little niggles. One thing I often forget:

I have a job.

And a lot of people don't. I earn good money, I can afford to buy pretty much whatever I want these days, I live in a nice house. And the job really isn't that bad, I spend a lot of time just sitting there, waiting for calls. I get unrestricted access to the company's (unbelievably fast) internet connection. I get a smoko break every two hours. My bosses treat me well.

But all this can't disguise the fact that telephone work is completely wrong for me. I've been working on phones for about a year, and I hate it. My perfect job is one where I don't have to deal with other people, not even co-workers. A little room, where I did things, no-one else around. That's the job for me. Any ideas? But I digress.

I have a friend whose mother is one of the most interesting people I've ever met. She's been all over the world, met all these famous people, took heaps of drugs in the seventies, named her daughter after a city in The Lord of the Rings. And she can't get a job. When she does somehow find work, it's always menial work on a temporary basis.

I remember I was going somewhere specific with this, but it's all kind of floated away now. I think you get the point. /msg me if you don't. Have a nice day.