I don't like this time of year.

December is a tricky one for me. I have my anniversary, my girlfriend's birthday, two cousin's birthdays, Christmas, all my electrity, gas and water bills and my lease expires next month. Add to this the fact that it's not too busy at work and my shifts have been cut down, I'm a little tight at the moment.

But that doesn't stop me buying things.

HINT: N64 Rumble Packs aren't that impressive. They make your controller jiggle a bit. Maybe they'd be good for people who can't see very well. I wish I'd bought an extra controller instead.

I'm having problems with mobile phone chargers. My dog chewed through the cord on my mobile charger. Consequently, it no longer works. I replaced that charger. The dog chewed through it again. The same thing happened to my girlfriend's charger. Same dog too. I just bought her a new charger. It doesn't work. I took it out of the box, plugged it in, turned it on and waited futilely1 for something to happen. I'll take it back tomorrow.

Just got my roster for the next three weeks of work. A total of nine shifts over twenty-one days. Usually I'd work 14-16 shifts over this period. I sure hope I get the security deposit back from this house, otherwise paying it for the next one could be a little hairy.

On and on and on.

1. Is this even a word?