S.K.A.T.E. is a game played by skateboarders, usually as a friendly competition between friends.

There are many variations on the rules, but here are the ones that I play

Skater1 does a trick. Next, skater2 must perform that trick. If skater2 does not succeed then skater1 gets the first letter of skate. If skater2 is successful then it is their turn to set a trick to try. The skater who has not set the trick is allowed 3 attempts to land it. If the skater setting the trick fails to land it then it is the other skaters turn to set a trick.

The first person to get all 5 letters of skate is the winner.

Update: I just learnt a second version of the game, played on flatland only. Following are the rules:

  • Player one does a trick.
  • Player 2 must now perform this trick and another trick of their choice without falling off.
  • Player one performs both previous tricks and adds a third trick etc.
  • If a player falls off they are given a letter until they get S.K.A.T.E. when they lose.
  • Simple.

Tactics for playing S.K.A.T.E.

If you are playing skate against someone who can land the same number of (or more) 'normal' tricks as you, it's time to break out the tactics. Here are a few ideas on how to open a can of whoopass on your friend.

  • Make sure you do tricks you can land really consistantly. If they mess up because they are not as consistant, you will win.
  • Learn some wierd tricks that most people get confused by such as:
    Popped Casper Flips
    Varial Finger Flips
    No Complys and Varial No Complys
    Cross Footed Impossibles - This one will bend their mind.
  • Psych them out. Make sure everything you land is virtually perfect. They'll think you will never miss and panic.
  • Or go the other way and land everything horribly so they relax and make mistakes. Make sure you land it though.

Remember: It's supposed to be FUN, so don't freak out if you lose, just go play again.