Wow, my new computer came yesterday evening. I didn't really get a chance to set it up properly, so I was up till the wee hours installing various bits and pieces that came with it and watching DVDs.

It's ever so exciting finally having a computer of my own. I needed to get it for my university course (multimedia technology + design) that I will be starting in September (I currently use my parent's computer). I just couldn't get over the monitor, somehow I'd managed to blag a 19" flat-screen! Hopefully that'll be a little bit easier on the eyes when I'm writing up essay's late at night in my room. I'm gonna go get me a Tv Tuner Card today so I can have a Tv in my room again as well.

In an entirely different note, yesterday afternoon after work was fabulous. My scumbag friends rang me up about 2pm whilst they were in the pub (college students) so they could drink beer down the phone at me. This really didn't help my concentration at work, so by kicking off time I was gagging for a beer.

Charged down the off license on my skateboard and grabbed some Stella before heading down to the skatepark.

Perfect blue skies, cold beers, a bit of a skate around and some good mates. Absolutely fantastic. Bring on the summer!