I just had the wierdest thing happen...

I work in a college as an Administrator at the moment (temping). I only started about a month ago, it's pretty boring, but it pays for my Gap Year fun.

Mood: Today I am in a blurry daze due to lack of sleep and having to to census checks on registers.

Anyway, I had to go down to main reception to pick up a folder. The receptionist, after giving me the folder, asks me, "What have you got?" This was kind of confusing, because I'm not supposed to have brought anything... "What have you got?"

"The amount of people who have asked me if you're single or not, male and female, is just silly. So, What have you got?"

This was particularly confusing, I stumbled out some reply or other and walked back up to my office. I couldn't help cracking out in an involuntary smile, that little question really made my day. *GRIN*