Christ, I am so tired.

It's 2 months down the line and I'm finally settling back into normal work life. I tasted perfection 8 short weeks ago and then had it ripped away from me. You know when you feel so happy you want to cry?

I sound like a fool because all I did was go snowboarding, but that was special to me. We have no mountains where I live and I'd never been before. It took me back to 4 years ago when I'd just started skateboarding, that sense of pure joy at the slightly out of control ride on a board. I'd never seen snowboarding as something I particularly wanted to do. It was such a surprise that it could be so good.

Maybe it was the people. I went with my girlfriend's family, who I deeply respect. They all have a very laid back attitude to life and I've always wanted them to feel I was worthy of their daughter.

The first day was hell, I had to walk down most of the first run and I lost my board at one point. I was in so much pain from constantly falling on my knees and everybody was wondering whether I'd be able to hack a whole week. However, I kept getting up and getting down the mountain slowly. By the end of the first day I managed to skid down a black run, after being guided that way by my girlfiend's brother's girlfriend (how confusing).

The whole week they kept saying how amazed they were at my progress and it just made me so happy. It was like finally being accepted for what I love doing, slipping sideways on a board. With skateboarding I have never had anyone notice the effort that goes into it (from non-skaters). There's no problem with that because I skate for myself, but it was so nice to be accepted for this.

I've never had a holiday like it and I probably never will again. That was the best week of my life (so far) and we've started planning 2 more trips out already. Nothing makes me want to go to work more than the thought of slipping sideways down a mountain.

I know those guys probably won't read this, but I'd just like to say thanks for making me feel truly accepted as I never have before.

We were in St Anton am Arlberg (Austria) if anybody's interested...Mooserwirt for ever!