Looks like it's script day today. Well, here I am again at work. I thought I'd write a little film script to keep me amused. Just the one scene, I might actually produce this if I ever have the time and access to a spare office.


Begin Intro sequence. (screen text: Monday - fades up and out) Fade up on an empty office. The room is dark, with some sunlight just streaming in through the closed blinds. Papers are scattered over the messy desks. Dust hangs in the air, it is early morning. Slowly workers start to drift in, greeting each other with a bored familiarity. We fade through to a shot of a young male worker sitting on a crowded, but silent bus. He is sitting with an expression of tired boredom. The bus pulls in to the stop outside the office building. Cut to the worker getting in the lift and travelling to the Xth floor. Cut to the worker entering the office, turning on the computer and flopping into his chair. End intro credits.

Gav: Mornin' all...

Workers: *mumbled greetings*

We see the day going past, Gav sits in virtually the same position as the world flys around him.

Gav: (voiceover - as if thinking) I wish I could feel alive again... Every emotion within me has been sapped by this nightmare. If only I had the balls to do something.

The day ends, workers drift out mumbling unenthusiatic goodbyes.

Repeat workday sequence, the day changing to Tuesday.

Repeat morning sequence (Screen Text - Wednesday) up till Gav is sitting at his desk with everything going on around him.

Gav: (voiceover) Slowly, slowly they start to grate. Each simple action, day after day... It creeps up on you, the anger. You can't stop it, only slow its growth. One day, one day you will snap.

The action around Gav slows to a normal pace as he stands up, slowly and deliberately. He wheels his chair across the office towards his boss's desk. The boss is facing towards his computer and has not noticed Gav.

Gav: GODDAMMIT! Every freakin' day is the same! Pointless activities for the sake of incompitents who could'nt care less!

Gav picks up the chair bringing it to shoulder height as his boss turns around, noticing him.

Boss: Gav, could you be quiet, I'm trying to work out why my AOL is broken. I think my internet is down.


Gav brings the chair down violently onto the back of the boss's head, crushing it.

Gav: No more, you bastards!

Picking up the monitor on the desk, he hurls it at the nearest worker watching it explode from the impact. Another worker, standing by the water cooler is smashed face first half way through the window in the door, almost severing their body in half. Blood is splattered over the room, Gav and the other workers in enormous globs. Tearing a leg from the severed worker, Gav procedes to beat the last person in his section into a bloody mess before throwing the legs down the office into the next section.

Gav: Work they say.... earn a living... be a respectable member of society... grow up, get a wife, kids and a drinking problem... try to numb yourself to the pain within.... take the pills and everything will be better.... I DON'T WANT THE FREAKIN' HAPPY HAZE ANYMORE MAN!

Gav: I'm not going to sit here and rot for the rest of my short life. I want to live!

With these words, Gav leaps onto a desk and throws himself through the glass window. Slow motion as he falls towards the unforgiving concrete below. We watch his bones break as he crashes violently into the ground, dying instantly. Cut back to the office, blood is everywhere, dead or dying workers litter the ground. A worker from another section walks down the office to go to the water cooler. In his numb midday state he does not even notice the dead on the ground, choosing to step over them without seeing. Work continues...

Fade out to black.

The End.

Sorry, I got bored and frustrated at work. You've got to have an outlet somewhere. Have a nice day!