It is almost time for me to come home to you again. I can hardly wait. I shouldn't have to waste my time here anyway everyday, but it looks bad if I leave early.

You'd think that with all our technological marvels, humans as a whole would have to work less and less to live a decent life, but why are so many of us having to work more and more? Over a hundred years ago, unions fought for the 40 hour week. Yet today, almost nobody here works that little.

Something is very wrong. If that much work really needs to be done, why is there so much unemployment? Clearly not that much work needs to be done, yet here I am with a job in which anybody working 9 to 5 is considered a slacker.

Well, I'd fix it if I could, so that I'd have more time to spend with you, but it doesn't look like any change in the situation is going to happen soon. Too many people have too much stake in preventing much change. I guess they're afraid.

Fear sucks, but it's a powerful motivator. Too bad we can't live our lives without having its shadow over us.

At least when I'm with you, I can forget about everything that's wrong. If only that were for more hours in the day than we have now.