"Be the envy of your neighbors! Bored of your world? Try one of ours! Tailor made to suit your every taste." That's what the advertising said. She bought into it. The latest fad starting its inevitable and expensive sweep of the nation. She bought one.

It came in a black box, with output jacks for audio and video, and input jacks for a keyboard and mouse. She hooked up one of her spare monitors to it.

And the world within unfolded.

Cities, roads, cars, people, governments. All simulated in the finest detail. She watched and watched, dragging her view window throughout their world, listened to their speeches, read the books they were reading. (She had bought the English edition.)

These pet worlds had been on the market for years, but it wasn't until the latest versions that the distinction between reality and simulation began to blur. The Turing Test was passed. Now it was just a job for the marketers.

This new version came with avatar controls. She created her own avatar and sent it into her world to save it. He (her avatar) would live a normal life until approximately age 30 and then begin his ministry.

He would heal the sick, cure the blind, and drive out demons. Through her keyboard and mouse interface, she could modify any aspect of her pet world. Her avatar, with her behind him, would be able to do anything - become King if she so desired, but she did not wish it to be so.

He would tell the people of her love for them, of her omnipotence and omniscience. He would call them to a new way of life, to live in a new way. It would be revolution.

Soon, the revolution was accomplished. She grew bored of the game and recalled her avatar. She manipulated circumstances into such a state that her avatar would die. And she would bring him back to life before taking him out of their world, until she next wanted to send him back.

It would be a day for their people to remember.

After her mission was accomplished, she went back to the store and bought an upgrade for her system - two thousand years into their future. This time, she would write down what she did and try to get it published.