I am thinking of you ...of course. It is almost a ritual now. I come here, I look around, I consider writing something to you.

The days in Rochester flew by far too fast. I feel like everything was rushed and we never had a chance to just spend time together, without any other distractions. Come Friday will be a new beginning. I look forward to it fondly.

The amount of work you've been putting yourself through has been amazing. Packing, writing, reading, worrying about all the little details involved in the end of college. I'm impressed. I worry you push yourself too hard. I worry about you because I love you. I want our life together to be free from exhaustion and headaches... maybe that's too much to ask for.

I hope you get a good night's rest tonight. I had thought the last hectic day of work would have been sometime around the last day of class, but it looks like they aren't over yet. Come Friday it will be different I hope. Maybe that's just wishful thinking. Maybe it will just be the beginning of a whole new set of things. I hope you'll be able to take them at a slower pace at least after Friday.

I've run out of things to say here. I'm going to call you now. I hope you're there.