If I make it there by 5:30 I can actually catch the matinee showing, but then what will I do for the rest of the evening? I could just spend it on the phone with you. You know I can't get enough of that, but yet it somehow makes me feel like my life is empty. Should I be in a bookstore instead? Reading comic books? Maybe I'll even find one I want to buy this time.

Hope Toronto is all it's cracked up to be for you this weekend. Hope it was a bit better planned than our trip to Vancouver. It really embarrasses me how little we managed to see of it when we were there. At least you got a jaw-droppingly breathtaking hairstyle out of it.

Thank you for Fridays, that's all I can say. If only everyday were a Friday... on second thought, then we'd never have a weekend and it would be more like everyday being Wednesday. Well, in any case, let's ban Monday through Thursday and have three day weeks. That would be something.

At least it's Friday where I am anyway. It's already 7:48pm where you are. The day is over, but the night is young. My evening is just beginning. Pre-weekends are full of so much hope aren't they? Well, we'll see if we can manage to dash every single one of those hopes in the two days to come.

Hope you have a relaxing one.

I just found out noders aren't allowed to visit Vancouver without paying Pseudo_Intellectual a call. It's in the rulebook, page 16. Right under the part about orangoutans.