The last thing I remember from my old world was getting up out of the chair in my office and heading toward the bathroom.

As I rounded the corner, a large totally black shape rushed at me from the hallway and smacked into my face. Suddenly, the hallway, the building, and the light all vanished and was replaced by blackness. A great silent hush swept over me, jolting me awake.

I thought I was having some sort of attack - a stroke, maybe a brain hemorrhage. Why did my senses stop working? I felt no pain. Had I fallen down? I could no longer tell if I was standing - I could no longer feel gravity.

A thought rang out in my mind, though it wasn't me doing the thinking. It was as if someone outside was writing it there. "You have died," the thought said. "Your consciousness has been backed up into memory. Please wait - your mind may one day be reused in a new world."

The next thing I could remember was waking up here. This place makes no sense.