I am thinking of you. It always happens at times like this. I feel like I need to write something to you once again here - that you are expecting it of me. I hope I can live up to expectations.

It is hard for me to think of what to write. Shall I go over the disappointments of the day? It wasn't all that bad here today. Shall I remember how you brightened up every moment I spent with you? You really did. Am I just repeating myself endlessly?

In another few minutes I will be coming back to you. I can barely contain myself. To hold you in my arms again, to pepper your soft cheek with kisses. I hope you'll be as happy to see me as I always am to see you.

The end of the day is always the best part of weekdays, because I can spend these few precious hours with you. The rest of the hours are lost to the endless clicking of keyboards at the office - wasted. If I could only record every waking moment with you and play them back when I am old.

Each day we make new memories together. I hope we can make these last.