This is me. This is you. Here we are at this interface. This is contact. These words form in my mind, collect on this screen, your screen, and are transfered into yours. Why? It is something to do. It is how we are connected to one another. Without this connection, this inevitable connection, we would not exist, for each one of us in this world is connected to the other even when we are not trying.

This is one of the more direct ways - from what I believe are my fingers to what I believe are your eyes. Underneath those are what I've been told are nerve endings, running from what I believe to be my center of consciousness somewhere near the center of my head, through the synapses within my body to the tips of my fingers, through the synapses of my computer to the internet, through the nodes of the web to your computer, to what I believe is a computer screen before your face, where these words (so I'm told) are formed as an inverted image inside your eyes where nerves carry these words to what I think is the center of your consciousness.

Perhaps the world isn't like this at all. Perhaps I shouldn't have believed everything I was told. Perhaps you are only toying with me, making me believe what you want me to believe. Where then, are these words really going? They must be going somewhere. The world around us forms the feedback loop from our fingers to our eyes, from our minds back to themselves. What good is it? At least it is entertaining at times, that's for sure.

I feel hungry. I feel like I must hold on to this moment and explore these thoughts before they drift away into the humdrum of everyday life. Can you hear me speaking to you inside your mind? Who are you? Who am I? What do we imagine the other to be like? We could be anything beneath our layers that separate us in this world, the layers of interfaces that separate my consciousness from yours. What are we really like inside, beneath what I assume to be are our bodies? A tiny star that is the focus of every thought, memory, and sensation we use to make sense of the world? Are you really out there? I hope you are more than just a figment of my imagination, more than a part of the most complex dream I have ever dreamt.