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Philosophy: Cosmology, Epistomology, Realism, Reality, Logic, Ethics, Religion, Justice Education; Gaming: History of Gaming, Modern Gaming, Game News, Game Data, Game FAQs, Game Creation, Interactive Graphic Design; Programming: HTML, Java, Visual Basic
New Trier High School
True knowledge is reached when one knows what one does not know
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It's impossible for me to find any reason to really write a user bio, other than the fact that there's this huge text box that is empty, and it's emptiness just begs to be filled. Of course, when you fill something up with emptiness, it's completely useless, either way. I thought about copying my user bio from my Livejournal, however, that too seems somewhere useless, since you really need other portions of the Livejournal User Info to get My Livejournal User Profile. And, of course, if you wanted to know anything about me, you'd probably never be able to find it out, so what's the point of a user bio for me anyway?


I'm into philosophy, actually, "into" is a bit of an understatement, since I credit myself as being a philosopher, although I hardly ever think of myself as smart enough to be one. Still, what philosophy I have written I pride myself with, and, since I have taken out the time to at least write some philosophy, I do credit myself as being a philosopher, no matter how few skills I have relating to the subject.

And now I've gotten bored with this user bio, so I'll leave it at that for now, with more to come later on.