I'm pissed, but alsohappy. I tried to buy an american flag two days ago. it was nearly impossible. the best I could find were those tiny novely flags they hand out at parades to 4 year olds to wave at the parade. I went to two k-marts, a walmart, an ames, 3 gas stations, 2 general convenience stores, a cvs, a walgreens, a 'bargin store', two Super Stop & Shops (they have seasonal sections) and even the Boy Scouts of America (they were giving out free flags).

Everyplace was out except k-mart. All i could find there were some novelty flags. I got them anyway.

Even though I went through a quarter of a tank of gas, and came home with just $4 worth of novelty flags, i figure it was worth it. Im happy because at if these places were out, at least people are out there snapping them up. good old america.

I have a large flag collection at 'home' (pre-college home...) in Connecticut. Somewhere around 60 flags. Some novelty flags, some plastic. A lot of cloth ones. Two ones i really like (embroidered stars and everything), and one huge one thats 25 feet long.

I was in Connecticut on Saturday for a 'Jack & Jill Shower' for my cousin's wedding. I was going through old stuff, seeing what I could bring home (post-college home) toNew York. I came across the boxes of flags.. I went through it briefly looking for a 48-star flag (to hang over my collection of World War II books), but couldnt find one. I decided to leave the others there, since i figured "I've got no real need for a flag in NY"

Obviously, I've been proven wrong...

I really wish i had brought just one big one back up with me. I've got a nice picture window that i'd like to hang it in.

oh well.