1. Decapitate enemy. If no enemy is present, one may substitute a sloth, as they were once human. It helps to cut as close as possible to the base of the neck.
  2. Carrying the new trophy, flee to a river.
  3. Make a long, vertical incision from the base of the neck to the crown of the head.
  4. Carefully and slowly peel off the skin of the head, using a sharp knife to separate the skin of face from the facial bones. Cast the skull and brains into a river as a sacrifice to the Anaconda Spirit.
  5. Turn skin inside-out and carefully scrape off all fatty tissue.
  6. Tie a rope through the top of the head-skin. Immerse the skin into a pot of boiling water for up to two hours. Take care not to over-boil, as this will cause the victim's hair to fall out. Allow to cool.
  7. Thread a flexible vine around the base of the neck to give it shape. Sew shut the incision and eyelids. Fix lips together with three bamboo pegs.
  8. Heat several pebbles in a fire. Insert the hot stones into the neck-hole. Whirl head around by its hair to keep the stones from burning the flesh. This will cause the flesh to shrink.
  9. Repeat above step with progressively smaller stones, using heated sand when stones will no longer fit through the neck-hole. Take care to re-mold the face into its original shape each time, so the enemy's features do not become distorted. This process will take approximately 20 hours, and is usually performed in one's home village.
  10. Singe off the fine facial hairs.
  11. Blacken the victim's face with charcoal, so the deceased's spirit cannot haunt and torment the living.
  12. Hang shrunken head in the smoke of a fire to dry and cure.
  13. After cooling, rub your trophy to make it shine.

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