America's drug czar since 1995; so fanatical, all but the most strident anti-drug figures found room for disagreement. McCaffrey has just announced his resignation, effective 6 January 2001.

Among McCaffrey's exploits are: steadfast opposition to voter-approved medical marijuana and industrial hemp cultivation; sneaky and underhanded attempts to bribe TV, film, and printed media into including anti-drug propaganda; hiding tracking cookies on the Office of National Drug Control Policy website; exaggerating survey data on teen drug use to the media and to Congress, in order to paint a more compelling picture; prevention of any useful and fair medical study of illegal drugs (allowing only those "experiments" which would further his cause); and of course, ever-increasing arrests of nonviolent drug offenders. McCaffrey also has denied the vast majority of requests to justify his statistics and sweeping proclamations.

A lying prick who won't be missed by anyone with a dimebag's worth of gray matter.