I was Tyler Durden for halloween. I've been Tyler more and more lately.

pants: black & white hound's tooth
shirt: vintage white polyester with a bunch of stupid designs
jacket: red kind of a weird brick pattern

imbibed: 2 40 oz bottles of St. Ides High Gravity Malt Liquor

The party was going pretty normal until after the strippers left. Around this time memories become hazy. A couple images of chilling out on the floor float reluctantly to the surface, and then, no fade to black, no transition:

Cold. Dark. Outside. I'm in what seems to be a backyard. I'm pressed up against a wooden door, sandwiched between the glass outer door for slight protection from the elements...desperately trying to open the wooden door at random intervals. I'm not sure how long this went on for, where I was or how I got there. It was sort of like waking up, except somehow I knew I was never technically sleeping...probably in a sort of walking unconciousness. After a while I realize this door definitely is not going to open, and furthermore, this probably wasnt the house I was at earlier in the evening... and the very real possibility that the cops were on the way. I stumble across the yard and somehow make my way over a fence without killing myself.

I find myself on some street..no sign in sight..I cross the street and start walking to the left. I see some dude probably about my age standing on the sidewalk ahead of me. I dont remember the exact dialog...I believe he spoke first, "Where am I?"

"I have no idea dude. I was at some party a few minutes ago and then I was outside and it was cold. I dont know how I got here."

Further conversation reveals he lives in Allston also. We decide to grab a cab. The cab driver was from Argentina apparently. Dude starts saying we should go to his friend's house and that our meeting is of cosmic importance because of how random it was. I had to agree. Dude was all excited and started talking about how his friend has acid... and naturally I express interest.

Dude tries to use an atm at star market (I believe on comm ave) but it was closed. We get to somewhere near his friend Lo's house. I give the cabbie a 20 and we walk down some street..I think somewhere off comm ave. We chill at Lo's house for a while, Lo makes some hot pockets, some kind of potato thingies, and a couple drinks (no idea what they were). Apparently Lo is out of lsd. Dude gives me a 20, then i took a cab home.

This experience made possible by BAP, and more specifically Masukomi and Mizzy for throwing an excellent party.

Pictures of this event (minus me being lost outside) can be found at:


note: Lo isnt Kit_Lo. Lo is some friend of the random person I met.