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Japanese kanji is not identical to Chinese: some are common with Simplified Chinese, some differences are very minor but some words have been simplified in a way that is unrecognisable to Chinese eyes. The Japanese kanji currently in use are listed here in stroke order with the corresponding traditional Chinese character (hànzì). These characters are used not only Japan but also in Taiwan (but not in Hong Kong, Singapore or Malaysia). This list is not complete!

This list probably exaggerates the differences between the two. In some cases kanji merely formalises common shortforms. The equivalent in English would be 'nite' appearing in a dictionary as the correct spelling for 'night'.

*Identical to Simplified Chinese
+Internet Explorer 6 displays the wrong Unicode glyph
#Kanji uses a common calligraphic variant

3 strokes

万 萬 ten thousand*
与 與 give*

4 strokes
円 圓 circular; Yen
仏 佛 Buddha
予 豫 prepare
欠 缺 lack (abbreviated using word for 'owe')
双 雙 a pair*
区 區 district*

5 strokes
写 寫 write*
礼 禮 ritual*
広 廣 wide
処 處 place*
号 號 symbol*
台 臺 platform*
払 拂 whisk
氷 冰 ice
旧 舊 old*
辺 邊 side

6 strokes
伝 傳 transmit; story
仮 假 false
会 會 meeting*
団 團 group
壮 壯 strong*
両 兩 two; ancient Chinese weight
毎 每 every
気 氣 air
争 爭 fight*
当 當 equal*
糸 絲 silk (abbreviated using word for 'thin thread')
灯 燈 lamp*
弐 貳 two

7 strokes
体 體 body*
労 勞 labour
励 勵 encourage
図 圖 picture
囲 圍 surrounding
医 醫 doctor* (abbreviated using the word for 'quiver')
応 應 reply
沢 澤 irrigate
来 來 come*
芸 藝 art
売 賣 sell
麦 麥 wheat*
児 兒 child#
亜 亞 inferior
対 對 correct
寿 壽 longevity*
床 牀 bed*
状 狀 shape*
余 餘 excess*
戻 戾 rebellious
兎 兔 rabbit

8 strokes
価 價 price
舎 舍 shed
㑒 僉 all+
殺 殺 kill (the dot is missing)
実 實 fruit
岳 嶽 high mountain* (abbreviated using word for in-laws)
国 國 nation*
径 徑 path
拠 據 seize
拝 拜 worship+
担 擔 burden*
拡 擴 enlarge
枢 樞 pivot
宝 寶 treasure
茎 莖 stem
炉 爐 oven*
画 畫 draw
姉 姊 elder sister
弥 彌 extensive*
歩 步 step (kanji adds a dot)
函 凾 letter, correspondence*
斉 齊 equal
欧 歐 a surname*
殴 毆 beat up*

9 strokes
学 學 learn*
変 變 change (kanji differs from Simplified Chinese by adding a stroke)
単 單 lone (kanji differs from Simplified Chinese by having an extra dot)
峡 峽 gorge*
恒 恆 constant*
昼 晝 daylight*
栄 榮 glory
浄 淨 clean*
発 發 send out
県 縣 prefecture
砕 碎 smash
荘 莊 solemn
𦤀 臭 stink+ (kanji misses out the dot)
禰 祢 honorific second person pronoun*
郎 郞 gentleman* (kanji omits a dot)
乗 乘 ride
既 旣 already*

10 strokes
倹 儉 thrifty
剤 劑 prepare medicine
剣 劍 sword
帰 歸 return
党 黨 group*
姫 姬 concubine
娘 孃 young woman*#
将 將 army general
峰 峯 summit
恋 戀 love
恵 惠 benevolent
悩 惱 angry
従 從 follow
挙 擧 raise (Simplified Chinese has one stroke less than the kanji)
挿 插 insert
捜 搜 search
晋 晉 advance, name of dynasty*
朗 朗 bright* (kanji omits a dot)
桜 櫻 cherry
竜 龍 dragon
逓 遞 substitute
粋 粹 pure
称 稱 call, name
残 殘 injured
滨 濱 shore
帯 帶 belt (kanji has one more stroke than Simplified Chinese)

11 strokes
剰 剩 remainder
巣 巢 nest
悪 惡 hate
断 斷 short*
渓 溪 stream
渇 渴 thirsty
掲 揭 uncover
虚 虛 false
猟 獵 hunt
経 經 written classic
窓 窗 window
脳 腦 brain
転 轉 spin
酔 醉 drunk
険 險 dangerous
黒 黑 black
亀 龜 turtle
斎 齋 vegetarian
釈 釋 explain
蛍 螢 firefly
瓶 甁 bottle*#
郷 鄕 village

12 strokes
塁 壘 pile up
歯 齒 teeth
満 滿 full
湾 灣 bay*
遅 遲 late
黃 黄 yellow*#

13 strokes
勧 勸 advise
塩 鹽 salt
寛 寬 spacious (kanji omits a stroke)
豊 豐 abundant#
摂 攝 absorb
戦 戰 war
数 數 count, number*
楽 樂 happy; music
继 繼 continue*
続 續 continue
鉄 鐵 iron
雷 靁 thunder#

14 strokes
稲 稻 rice plant
読 讀 read
聡 聰 clever
雑 雜 assorted
徳 德 virtue
暦 曆 calendar#
様 樣 shape, form

15 strokes
権 權 power
歓 歡 joy
蔵 藏 hidden
霊 靈 ghost

16 strokes
壊 壞 ruined
懐 懷 bosom
獣 獸 beast

17 strokes
嚴 厳 strict
齢 齡 age
聴 聽 listen+
覧 覽 read
繊 纖 fine, delicate

18 strokes
観 觀 gaze
鶏 雞 chicken
顕 顯 apparent
譲 讓 allow
醸 釀 brew (wine or beer)
験 驗 examine
騒 騷 harrass

19 strokes
艶 艷 gorgeous#

20 strokes
巌 巖 cliff

26 strokes
欝 鬱 luxuriant (kanji uses a rare calligraphic variant)

This list has been laboriously extracted by hand from the index of 書法字典 published by 尚志文化出版社 (Taiwan, 2001).).
Thanks to Sekicho for suggesting double <big> tags, and -brazil- for being patient with an initiate!