For a girl with a medium frame, being on the thin side of average is not a picnic. People make nasty little comments at you when they think you aren't listening. Walking to the bathroom in a crowded restaurant and hearing someone comment that it's time for you to maintain your figure by vomiting does not boost one's self esteem.

It doesn't make me feel good to be thin, it doesn't turn clothes shopping into a runway fashion show, it turns it into a back biting snobbish nightmare. Saleswomen give you clothing two sizes too small to try on, saying "Oh, well you look like a size 2!" and then scurrying away. 5'6", with 38" hips that stick out sharp little bones does not equal size 2, it does not equal acceptance into the my body is the best club, it equals just as much heartache as anyone else's body.

For years I ate way more than would be appropriate for my activity level in order to try and gain weight. I wore baggy clothes so that people would stop calling me "bones." My elbows still stick out and stab people, and I still get to hear such wonderful phrases as "if you turn sideways, you disappear!" This despite the fact that I am within my ideal weight range, have a bit of a gut (on purpose), and am well out of the extra small range of sizes at all major department stores. Being anything outside of the perfect average gets you bullshit, no matter which side of average you fall on.