Way back when I was in high school, I took a speech class with a bunch of other geeks. Somehow the enrollment got all screwed up, and there was just one popular girl in the class- the rest of us were truly geeks. For her explanatory speech, she gave a rousing demonstration of how to pick a zit. I was really not paying attention... I was blessed with clear skin in high school and thought you weren't supposed to pick anyway, that it would infect your pores and you'd end up with a bright red raspberry on your face letting everyone else in the world know you'd tried (and failed) at picking a zit.

Anyway, Barb (that was her name) was standing up in front of the class and explaining about sebaceous glands and the difference between whiteheads and blackheads and how to actually pick a zit without backing up crap into your face. I was reminded of this when my boyfriend, my sister, her husband and I were talking about the habits mothers seem to have of doing a biopsy on any blemish found on a child... my mother still picks at my sisters' ears with hairpins. Later that night, I realized that Barb was the only popular girl in that class.

I then became aware that she had probably given that speech in order to somehow shame all of us geeks in the class.

I'm glad it didn't work.