Last night we went to a college karaoke bar. The highlight of the night was a girl who looked just like Miss Piggy. Spitting image, I swear. My sister looked at me, looked at her, and said "Miss Piggy". She was not unattractive, but she had a snub nose, blonde hair, and was wearing pink. She was healthy - by which I mean not anorexic like many of the other girls in the bar. She was laughing and smiling, and looked like a little pink pig.

I thought she was cute, and it was apparent that I was not the only one. The karaoke guy had her up there singing a couple times. I thought it was cool to see people having a good time, whooping and hollering, drunk, singing along to country songs and what are apparently karaoke standards: Delilah, that lame Margaritaville song, Louie Louie, and on and on... It was your standard fun night out. Nothing special. Oink Oink.