Being anal-retentive has its drawbacks. My personal version of "anality" extends to sometimes extreme brand loyalty, and wanting the laundry folded the "right" way. This puts a real cramp in my lifestyle when perfectly good products are discontinued because the percentage of American population that enjoys consuming them is too small to continue to turn a profit.

I have been reduced to hunting on eBay for some of my favorite things. Oh Yeah Orange-Pineapple Kool-Aid is the most painful deletion from my life, and Revlon's Aquamarine shampoo is the second most painful. I have one packet of Kool-Aid secreted away for a special occasion - perhaps the birth of my first child, or my 5th wedding anniversary; and one bottle of Aquamarine shampoo under the bathroom sink which is saved and used only in conjunction with very bad days. When this bottle runs low (about one-third left), it will be reserved for very special occasions - baptisms, funerals, nights out to the Opera.

The least painful deletion from my life was the Bar None candy bar, which was manufactured by Hershey. I used to be upset with this, however, the advent of Reese's Sticks has placated me. For now.

I'm well aware of how terrible this entire idea is - that the ad execs and marketers have done their job well, and I don't want to have any other shampoo or any other powdered soft drink. I realize that this makes me a coveted brand of consumer, but so be it. There are very few things that I am so staunchly loyal about consuming - the rest I try to get from the thrift store or go generic when possible... but I really do miss that Kool-Aid.