Nobody asked me, and it's not my place to say anything, but it can only be thought so many times before it needs to be said.

Ordinarily I read all the daylogs and then spout off some of my own gibberish. Today I feel like responding directly to NightShadow, and I suppose I see no reason not to. I just want to say (before I go off into my own self centered zone) that your 38 year old friend is probably playing with an immature emotional wreck, which cannot possibly be a good pairing for his mature emotional wreck. It is also probably never a good idea to date someone who cannot drink legally in the 48 contiguous states if you are old enough to be his/her parent. Just a thought. As far as where is your soulmate... well, those who are good catches are generally caught. The fact that you refer to a 19 year old stripper dating a 38 year old an evil bitch and saying that you have bill collectors calling you on the phone would direct me to believe otherwise. Maybe there are things you need to work out that you haven't really become aware of, even though you left a trail of clues for those that might date you and eventually bear your children.

In all fairness here's my gripe and the invitation for the stone bearers to throw at my glass house. I'm still working along/through/around my bipolar disorder and trying to not be a total flake. I'm trying to learn to socialize with people without either overdoing it or standing in the corner and not saying anything. I still feel weird, sometimes a little lethargic, other times a little wired. My brain is not so much on overdrive anymore, which is a good thing - but the lowering of my anxiety level has also raised my weight on the scales by about 20 lbs. I'm trying to exercise regularly and eat a little better - laying off the chocolate and taco bell. I'm still not there. But I'm climbing. And though I've had people tell me I'd be a wonderful (fill in the blank), I'm becoming more and more aware that I won't be ready to be a wonderful whatever until I'm done with the ascent to being morally, socially, and ethically responsible. Baa ram ewe, to thine own self be true.