It was a rainy day on the playground, I was 7 years old. Scrawny and anti-social, I was kicking around at some puddles during recess when Bobby and Randy came up to me and started teasing me. "Jennifer Germs! Jennifer Germs!," they chanted. I told them to shut up and I walked away. A couple of minutes later, I felt something hit my back, not hard. I turned around, and came face to face with Randy (who looked like a Saint Bernard) and Bobby. They each had earthworms in their hands, and they were throwing them at me. I shrieked and started running for my teacher.

Hysterical, I ran right into Mrs. Rusanoff. She glared down at me, told me to stop crying, and asked me what was wrong. I burbled and snotted and told her that the boys were throwing worms at me. She told me that they were only worms, and couldn't hurt me. I started to bawl, and she grabbed me by the upper arm and walked me to the door back into the school. She told me to stand there, and walked a couple of steps away and picked up a worm. She made me open up my hand and hold the worm until recess was over.

I also hate Mrs. Rusanoff.