...but do you recall... the most famous reindeer of all?

I am renaming my famous reindeer to Paxil. It meshes well with Vixen and Prancer. I have not been faithfully updating my Paxil Diary, and that's because I don't think anything's been happening... it's been about three weeks, and I haven't any indication of the shoe being lifted off my tick tick heart. I am still in a perpetual state of ehhh, trailing off into a void.

For this reason, I am glad that I am not seeing my family for Christmas this year. I have spent Christmas at work so far, and when I go home, it will be to the cat. I would rather mope at the cat than at my family, who might miss me, but are likely to remember me fondly. If I were there, I'd be sulking in the bathroom, or in a corner of the kitchen.

Merry Christmas indeed, for the good of the family. On Paxil, on Prozac, Wellbutrin and Xanax!