I have ingested way too many drugs. My stomach is rumbling, and I don't want to be at work.

Drugs for the day - as opposed to Five things I am thankful for:
Septra DS

The Septras are big powdery white horse pills, and make me terribly nauseous. They are supposed to eradicate the bacteria which are happily living in my bladder. The Pyridium makes my pee orange and stains my underpants, it is supposed to make my urination less painful. The Paxil is supposed to make me less anxious and more happy. The Ortho-Tricyclen is cancelled out by the Septra, and is supposed to keep the babies at bay.

The outcome is that I have a sorely upset stomach, I'm wrecking my underpants (and my pee still hurts anyway), I can't have sex, and I'm still fucking depressed. To top it off, I think that the Paxil is giving me headaches. Hence the knockoff Tylenol.