To further Herbman's description, Coda was released after the death of drummer John Bonham. The album was produced by Jimmy Page and released to the public with the following songs on November 19, 1982:

We're Gonna Groove
Poor Tom
I Can't Quit You Baby
Walter's Walk
Ozone Baby
Bonzo's Montreaux - Instrumental / drum track. Later, this song was mixed with Moby Dick for one of the boxed sets.
Wearing and Tearing

The "Complete Studio Recordings" version of Coda includes the following bonus tracks, also available on the various boxed sets listed in the discography of the Led Zeppelin node:

Baby Come on Home
Travelling Riverside Blues
White Summer/Black Mountain Side
Hey Hey What Can I Do

Many Zeppelin fans consider Coda to be a throw off piece of garbage, and while it is true that the continuity of other albums is not represented here, the majority of these songs were recorded throughout the span of the band's career, and none would have been scoffed at if they had been included on the album which was released at the time the song was recorded.