The men's bathroom is not particularly thrilling or different, however, I've noticed that the men's bathroom is consistently dirtier than the women's room. I am one of the apparently few girls who have no qualms about pooping in a public restroom, and I also have no qualms about rambling into the men's bathroom to take a pee if the lines at concerts or sporting events are too long. In general, this has been my experience.

  • There are generally no lines to use the men's room.
  • The floor may or may not be coated in urine, be prepared, and watch your footing.
  • Men don't really appear to care if you enter their space quietly, do your business, and leave without making some sort of girly ruckus, leaving trails of glitter and little pink Barbie shoes.

Frankly, I think that all bathrooms should be co-ed. That way, men could have the opportunity to take advantage of nice little couches, and women wouldn't have to wait in such monstrous lines to go pee.