Pukesick, you've got a point, but I'm going to disagree with how you apply it.

Given that we are surrounded by a corrupt economic system that encourages people to participate in shallow materialistic consumer tool lifestyles, simply supporting local song singers and avoiding genetically modified foods will do exactly squat. This will do nothing to reverse the overwhelming trend in our society to give in to this kind of meaningless banality, which in turn acts to give the consumer economy more time to infect our culture. It is too late to simply opt out; we're going to need more dramatic measures. The situation has gotten to the point where standing still can be likened to standing still while someone kills your next door neighboor; making a decision to not join in killing your neighbor doesn't help matters in the least.

What this means in terms of action depends on what you think the world should be like. Personally, I'm closest to an anarcho-collectivist in mindset, so the rational thing for me to do is to join cooperatives dedicated to making it easier to satisfy subsistance needs outside of the capitalist system, and to persuade as many people as possible using whatever means I have that laws have no bearing on ethical decisions.

The most important thing is to actively counteract the further encroachment of whatever you don't like about society. Acting on your own part to just "opt-out" is futile, you need to get your message out and you need to make sure that people that share your ideas after you have something to build on.

Thus, I agree with village idiot that methods ala the node title are ineffective and at worst cowardly measures people use to convince themselves they aren't part of the problem.