The PowerPC is jointly developed by Apple, IBM and Motorola. IBM contributed the multiprocessor design (POWER architecture as used to realize someof the first RS/6000), Motorola the I/O part (using the 88000) and Apple the computer design. The life of PowerPC is a very interesting story, which involves IBM trying to make Intel x86 compatible processor... in hardware, almost like the codemorphing technology Transmeta uses for their Crusoe.

The PowerPC is now mainly used by Apple to power their desktop and notebook computers. Even the Amiga had/has a PowerPC acclerator board, know as the BlizzardPPC. Motorola now manufactures embedded networkprocessors based on the PowerPC design, known as PowerQUICC. Nintendo uses a IBM variant, the Gekko, to power their GameCube.

A very well known computer powered by PowerPC processors, was the IBM Deep Blue project. It even beated Kasparov.