The Indigo Girls contributed an absolutely stunning cover of this Grateful Dead original to Deadicated, a benefit album whose proceeds went in part to the Rainforest Action Network. Emily Saliers and Amy Ray's comments from the album's liner notes:

Recording a Grateful Dead song in the studio is such a wonderful experience because of the free-spiritedness of their music. We had a blast. It's made us bigger Grateful Dead fans than we ever were before. (Deadicated liner notes, Arista Records, 1991)

They altered the song's lyrics in only one place: substituting "Sister" for "God Damn" in the third verse. Jurph tells me that "the Indigo Girls' cover has 16 beats to a couplet, whereas the Grateful Dead original went with a more quirky 14. Since there are 7 accented syllables in each couplet, the 14 is more organic to the rhythm", but I honestly haven't noticed the difference.