I could rent my brain to Science...

...for just over $33 an hour!

Some researchers at UC Irvine, where I'm taking a class this quarter and the next, need healthy right-handed volunteers between the ages of 18 and 35 to participate in a brain imaging study. They're willing to pay $150 for two visits, a grand total of 4 and a half hours of PET scan and MRI scan goodness, which with the migraine I had this morning sounded like a total party.

The catch? Radioactive tracer (they promise it's safe for people) being intravenously injected into my body. With my lousy track record in the "trained professionals can't find my veins" department, that part sounds kind of scary.

So. Good idea? Bad idea? You tell me.

Update, 14 September 2002 I promised this node would exist only for as long as it took me to make a decision; I lied. I ended up not doing the study, because I am lazy and don't like needles very much. My part-time job at the time paid $17-$18/hr, and work was kind of slow, so a relatively easy $150 would have been good, but still. There's always hooking for crack, after all.