So as to keep slightly better track of what I write and when, I've decided to try to keep the dates on my daylogs consistent with my time rather than the server's. This will includes listing entries written in the wee hours of Wednesday morning under Tuesday, since in my world a new day doesn't begin until the sun rises or I get some sleep—though fortunately it's usually the latter. As a result, this is not the original writeup posted here. It's been moved to March 6, 2001.

I feel weird replacing it like this (especially since it had acquired quite a few votes, but oh well... I've already written about how depressing it is to see my daylog reps flourish while what I consider my worthwhile nodes don't seem to get a notice, so I'll try to keep quiet about it) but the lady goddess Demeter informs me it's ok, and I respect/trust her opinion on the matter.

Enough whining about noding. Time for some informative information (and repetitive redundancy) about what I've been wasting valuable homework time on today. For example, discovering that my contributions to E2 occasionally appear in Random Nodes/sprinkling of indeterminacy/mess the Death Borg made. Whoa. Trippy. But trippier was the fact that the first of my little ramblings to catch my eye over there in that sidebar was a nodeshell I'd completely forgotten about, having lost its original contents to the nightly Word Galaxy/server backup. I seem to be getting quite good at accidentally losing writeups and replacing them. I could make it into a game: create nodeshell, come across it randomly, finally fill it in... no. Nodeshell hide and seek just seems like a really bad idea (TM). New Topic!

Random story from my life: my academic advisor is supercool. She's in charge of making sure the senior math majors writing theses don't totally goof off on their projects till the last minute (first time any faculty member's ever taken on this task) and so far she's been doing an excellent job. But this morning she went above and beyond the call of duty, in my opinion.

I was on my way to elicit some Norwegian data for my thesis (a mix of math, linguistics, computer science, and evolutionary biology—I might finish someday, in which case I'll try to node about it informatively) from a friendly prof who speaks the language, when I saw my advisor in the hall, and she asked me to stop by her office after my other meeting. I did, and she sat me down, and in less than half an hour, found out all the progress I've made on my thesis in the past month, and made me a timeline for the rest of the semester, just like that. Shablam. I felt like I'd been schooled, but in the best way possible. It was breathtaking, I tell you.

It occurs to me that my academic advisor (as opposed to my thesis, humanities, and linguistics advisors, none of whose names I want to mention for various trying not to make contact between E2 and the real world reasons) is totally my role model. (Well, her and the Powerpuff Girls, but for totally different reasons.) She's just incredibly intelligent and competent and accomplished in her field and... hot diggety, y'know? I just look up to her and admire her so much!

Really, I've loved her ever since the day in freshman calculus when some idiot challenged her authority about imaginary numbers. She politely fielded a few questions, but when he finally asked "Why should I believe you?" she simply replied "Because I do complex analysis for a living," turned back to the chalkboard and went on with the lecture. How cool is that?

She rules the world with an iron fist. I'd like to write a more coherent essay about her at some point, but for now I've got the thoughts stored here for future reference. That's really useful (though maybe I should've kept it offline). Oh well. Off to shower and homework.