Originally posted at March 7, 2001 before I decided to keep my daylog entries consistent with my time rather than the server's.

Just twisted out my back. Good Lord, it made a lot of scary popping noises. But it felt great. I'll probably pay for that habit and all my knuckle-popping when I'm old, gray, and too arthritic to move. Still, for now it's cheaper than going to a chiropractor, and probably about as effective. On the other hand, the latest news from my grandparents is that Oma is pretty much crippled with arthritis and on all kinds of crazy medication. Not very encouraging, that. But I digress. I really don't mean to ramble on about my personal life in daylogs, really I don't. If anything truly interesting happens to me, chances are I'll be able to make a decent writeup out of the anecdote. Occasionally I'll jot down some disjoint thoughts here, to avoid further cluttering the nodegel.

Today, for example, I decided to limit all my comments about noding to the daylogs, in order to better avoid noding about noding. Hopefully I'll be able to keep that resolution. Here's some more comments along those lines, to try to get the habit started:

  • I've begun to take inspiration from sensei's Node Your Homework! dictum, and it was fun, so I'll probably try doing that again sometimes soon. It's nice to be able to write with a semblance of authority, occasionally feel like I'm contributing potentially useful information to the database, and maybe even increase the signal to noise ratio a teeny little bit. (Then I go and write rembly daylogs about noding. Oh well. I'm learning.)

  • Who the hell downvotes song lyrics, honestly? I honestly think they're useful, though I've started worrying about the Everything Copyright Problem and related issues (so far I've only noded lyrics by artists who probably won't be pissy about it, but still... I'm slowing down). I try to explicate my lyrics, link to other related interesting nodes, include information about the song, as well as why I felt it a worthwhile entry, the occasional bit of personal meaning, etc., but it's gotten to the point where I don't feel safe submitting them without checking the Don't display in "New Writeups" button. Woo run-on sentence! I should get me some cheese with this whine, I know.

  • Anybody who wants to help me figure out HTML headers will earn my undying gratitude. Please? I've looked at E2 HTML Tags, and can't find any typos in my w/u, but they aren't appearing as I expected. I'm scared to sign up for mentoring; I've got too much homework what doesn't get done on account of this addiction as it is.

  • Gaining XP for voting feels like cheating, like I'm not really earning my bullshit. Yet I feel compelled to use all my votes every day. I think I take it as some kind of perverse challenge or something, and it does improve my node-fu, but still. Dunno what's up with that.

  • My highest-ranked writeup is a daylog. Wah. I feel like it somehow devalues the rest of my attempted contributions to the nodegel when my rantings about the trials and tribulations of my latest thesis draft (which is done, by the way, despite the fact that I didn't have enough results to really write, hence all the hell I gave myself last week, but I digress) get so many votes. But oh well. I'll get over it. Or I'll have that writeup nuked.

That's all I can think of for now. Felt pretty good to get all those out of my system, since really, none of them were ideas worthy of their own writeups (though a few of them are on my homenode)