The following appeared on my homenode from 23 June 2003 until August 12, 2003. I'm already looking forward to archiving its successor with the editor-cooled mess that is the latter set of daylogs, but in the meantime, I'm keeping this here because my scratch pad is already chock-full.

23 June 2003, Eugene, Oregon

In the past month, I've gotten a job as a line cook at The Glenwood Restaurant (node forthcoming) and moved to a new house with Jongleur, where we'll be living with Joyquality although a random contract job has prevented her from moving to Eugene just yet. It feels like a little too much, too soon, but the thing about life is you've got to keep living it. So I do.

My last self-indulgently autobiographical homenode journal entry was on 10 April 2003. I've moved it to a daylog, mostly for my own reference.