Words and music by Jeff Moss. Performed by Bert (Frank Oz) and Ernie (Jim Henson).

Bert: I like paper clips.
Ernie: Paper clips?
Bert: Paper clips!

I like bottle caps
Ernie: Bottle caps?
Bert: Bottle caps.
I love pigeons, yeah!
Ernie: Pigeons?
Bert: Love pigeons,
Oh yes I do!
Ernie: Well, Bert, y'know
I don't really like any of those things
But I like you.
Bert: Aw, Ernie.

Ernie: I like playing jokes.
Bert: Playing jokes?
Ernie: Playing jokes!

Love my rubber duck.
Bert: Rubber duck?
Ernie: Rubber duckie!
I like bubble gum.
Bert: Bubble gum?
Ernie: Bubble gum, yes I do!
Bert: Well, now, Ernie,
I'm not crazy 'bout any of any of those things
But I like you.

Ernie: I like to lie awake in bed at night and talk to you.
Bert: Yeah, I know.

I like to say good night and go to sleep.
Ernie: I like to go and see the big hippopotamus at the zoo.
Bert: (nasal laugh) Hey, Ernie, you know what?
Ernie: What, Bert?
Bert: I like that too!

Ernie: I like jelly beans.
Bert: Jelly beans?
Ernie: Jelly beans!
Bert: I like lentil soup.
Ernie: Lentil soup?
Bert: Lentil soup!

I like a marching band
Ernie: I like a music box.
Together: Yes, I do!
Ernie: But though I don't always like everything
Bert: that I like
Together: Still I like you.
Bert: Though I'm not too crazy 'bout your rubber duckie
Ernie: Though I don't love pigeons
Together: Still we're awfully lucky,
Cause I like you!

This writeup was originally created twice by accident, and due to a number of weird misunderstandings both writeups on the node were subsequently killed. But here's the song again, since I kind of missed it.