We will write or print or say anything that moves us beyond the limiting stereotypes that are displaced onto us.

—from the Anything That Moves manifesto

Anything That Moves, hereafter abbreviated ATM, is a print magazine of, by, and for bisexuals and their friends (what the ATM website terms the FABGLITTER: Fetish, Allies, Bisexuals, Gays, Lesbians, Intersexed, Transgender, Transsexual Engendering Revolution). It is produced by a talented team of mostly volunteer writers and editors based in San Francisco, who also throw excellent parties, organize bisexual-oriented activist events, and run and maintain the ATM website, www.anythingthatmoves.com.

ATM prints fact and fiction, poetry and prose, movie reviews, advice, editorials, comics, rants, raves, and news related to bisexuality and queer issues in general. They strive to be inclusive and diverse in the opinions they represent, in particular of transvestite and transgender views, which, like those of bisexuals, are often excluded from mainstream gay and lesbian activism and other activities.

Contact information:
Anything That Moves
2261 Market Street, #496
San Francisco, CA 94114-1600
(415) 626-5069

Sources: ATM issue #21 2000, www.anythingthatmoves.com