Martha had a party on the day of the marathon. I felt a little bad since this was not my year to run—(next year is!) but after seeing those runners... hundreds of them pass by her window I was inspired. I’ve gotten back on my regimen. I’m not just running for the magic glory of the endorphins (I am a drug addict, I fear) but I am running to train as well. I want to be in the top third. Nothing less will do. So I’ll run hard-- and come this time next year I will be exhausted because a good marathon ought to stay with you, I think-- I mean if you really run it. That’s what I mean to do.

R and I are having money trouble. I think we’ll be OK, but he wants to get a job very badly and I fear he’s thinking of the money too much. As long as we both have rent health care and food (and time!) what else is there to want? It makes me feel bad because I fear he mistakes me for a greedy woman—(!) and though I am greedy (in my way) I need nothing more from him than what he gives to me freely as a lover and husband.

Though thinking on it now, I think he is thinking of travel. He keeps mentioning this chef in Tokyo that he’d like to study with... and my god... to learn about eastern theatre... I’d be in heaven. Perhaps I won’t discourage him from hunting for money. Heh. Guess I’m greedy after all!

I had dinner last night with my brother at Harvard club. The place is so cute. I told him that while I do not approve of the great class divide those who went to school there have given us-- I do admire Harvard as a not for profit organization. Even their "old boys" clubhouse space has an air about it that allows one to connect to a real history-- That is a good thing (and rare). So much of the history we encounter is fabricated. Like those TGIF restaurants with random "artifacts" on the wall-- it’s a poor substation for a real bar with real artifacts with a real history.

My legs hurt! I ran hard this night. And I must go to the bella luna to meet my robert and, I think, some of the other chefs.

What a day. So uneventful, but somehow ... full.